The birth process, even under natural and controlled conditions, is potentially traumatic. The pulling, pushing and twisting of the newborn's neck and spine during birth will commonly cause the small moldable vertebra to be pushed out of alignment. Nerves exiting these vertebra send information to all areas of the body and while irritated can wreak havoc on an infant's or child's body. Because the spine continues to develop into your twenties, the misaligned spine might be the underlying cause of symptoms as varied as colic, earaches, unexplained crying or pain, poor appetite, difficulty in breathing, and allergic reactions. We put special emphasis on evaluation of your little one's development that will help improve your child's overall health and wellness. Adjustment techniques are modified for the child's weight and size. It's a wonderful gift to be able to give your child the gift of health through preventive and corrective care before problems occur later in life. Keep in mind that good spinal hygiene/posture is a crucial component in your child's good health.

Many parents will ask if it is safe to have their kids adjusted. My response is always yes. My own children are adjusted and if I didn't think it was safe I would not adjust them. It may look the same for kids to get adjusted as adults but it is a very different amount of pressure and force used.

Areas that we serve: Frederick, Dacono, Firestone, Carbon Valley, Fort Lupton, Erie, and Johnstown.

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